Writing day – Questions

So I’m working on a new short story in a genre I’ve never worked in before. I’m moving from mystery to horror for this one, but I’m having a bit of a difficult time switching gears. So really, I have some questions for anyone who would care to answer.

  • Do you genre-hop when you write?
  • If you do, does it take you a while to get in the swing of your new genre?
  • How do you combat that?
  • Does this mean I am doing writing ALL WRONG? (trick question)

What I’m Reading – Sick Day Edition

Today I am home sick from work, so I am curling up with some old favorites and some new reads. As you may have picked out, I am a fan of fairy tales and folklore, so it should be no surprise that my sick day reading looks like this:


That’s the recently-published collection of Bavarian fairy tales, a newly acquired Propp, a Norton Critical Edition, and a Maria Tatar (my hero!). I think I will be kept thoroughly amused. I’ll probably do a more in-depth piece on each after I read them.

Victorian Children’s Literature – New Find

So I found this great old children’s book called Sketches of Little Boys. Despite the creepiness of that title to modern ears, it’s a delightful mid-19th century piece specifically for boys full of stories about good boys and bad boys.


The exact little boy in this story always puts things back where he found them, so when a valuable book is missed from the family library, Father is sure the boy did not lose it after reading it. Sure enough, an Uncle had borrowed the volume while the family was out, and everything works out nicely.

It apparently was part of a series put out by “Dean and Son, 31, Ludgate Hill, three doors west of Old Bailey,” and best as I can tell, was printed in the 1850s. I don’t know how it got to New Orleans, but I wish I could find more!